How to download a VPN

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The VPN software encrypts your internet traffic and sends your data via a secure connection to a remote server. From there, the data traffic is sent back onto the internet. This changes the IP address which is visible to the rest of the internet. Your internet traffic is in this way … Read more

VPN for business

VPN’s are incredibly important in business. Not only do they protect your data from hackers and cybercriminals, but they also allow you to set up an internal network that only employees can access, even when they are out of the office. But which VPN is best for your business? We did some research and compiled a list of … Read more

What is a kill switch

If you are interested in VPN’s or have ever read one of our reviews you may have come across the term ‘kill switch’. The kill switch is often mentioned as one of the advantages of a VPN, but from experience we know that not all of our readers know exactly what a kill switch is and why it is … Read more

Avoid online censorship with VPN

Censorship on the Internet is becoming increasingly common. Often this has a political reason. In some countries, certain news websites or social media are blocked because the government does not want citizens to have access to this information. For circumventing this censorship, a VPN connection offers a solution. Follow the steps below: Conclude an online … Read more

What is a trojan horse

A Trojan horse is a type of malware. It s hidden in a computer program, and after installation, a Trojan horse provides criminals with unnoticed access to your computer. It is a kind of backdoor that can be used by malicious people to secretly gain control over your computer and files. This is also where the name … Read more

VPN For Boxing streaming and watching

Boxing matches are not always broadcast on TV. Because boxing is less popular here than in other countries, you often have to look for an international website to watch a boxing match. Unfortunately, even these are regularly blocked because you are not from the country where the website is offered. Watching boxing abroad or in … Read more

What is Adware

Adware (ad-supported software) is software that is accompanied by automated ads. People download software (an application or program) and the accompanying adware displays ads to bring in revenue for the creator (or publisher) of the software. Adware is free in many cases and is incredibly common. You’re guaranteed to have encountered it at some point. The … Read more

Best VPN for Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is a handy media player that lets you easily stream movies, series, music and other online content on your TV from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Do you have a Chromecast dongle and would you like to take more advantage of it? You can do so by using a VPN. In short, a … Read more