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Rugby is a fierce sport with a lot of fans all over the world. Rugby in many countries is not as popular as in some other countries like France, England, South Africa and New Zealand. This makes it difficult for the some fans to see important matches or tournaments like the Six Nations (England, France, Italië, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) or The Rugby Championship (Argentinië, Australië, New Zealand and South Africa). However, there are ways to still be able to watch rugby wherever you are. Read below to find out how you don't have to miss a single scrum.

Watching rugby or streaming in your home country or abroad with a VPN

Happily, you can still watch rugby online, through various channels and websites. This often requires the use of a VPN to access these online broadcasts of rugby matches. Because of broadcasting rights you are not allowed to see these online broadcasts from some countries. With a VPN you make sure that the website thinks you are in the right region. This allows you to watch rugby from anywhere.

Who is a VPN useful for watching rugby

Watching rugby online with a VPN can be useful in the following situations:

  • If a rugby match or tournament is not broadcast in your home country and you still want to watch it.
  • If you are in another country where rugby is not broadcasted.
  • If, for example, you have a subscription to an English channel that broadcasts rugby but are not in England.

What does a VPN do

A VPN is a program that allows you to ensure your online security and privacy. This program protects you from hackers and others who are after your data. With a VPN, you are connected to the Internet through a remote server of a VPN provider. You get the IP address of this server when connecting through this secure VPN connection. This makes websites think that you are visiting them from the location of the chosen VPN server.

Because of this changing IP address you can get around geographical blockades and you can therefore watch rugby matches even if they are not broadcast in the country you are in. For more extensive information about VPN’s please visit our extensive article: VPN explained, what is a VPN and what do you use it for?

The best VPN’s for rugby

In order to watch rugby, it is important that you choose a VPN that has servers in a country where rugby is broadcast. In addition, the VPN needs to be fast because otherwise online broadcasts will start to lag. Finally, it is also good to look at ease of use, security and price. Based on these factors, we recommend the following VPN’s to watch rugby online.

ExpressVPN for rugby

ExpressVPN is a fantastic premium VPN with excellent service. With ExpressVPN, you'll be safe and won't have any hiccups when watching rugby matches. Also, with ExpressVPN you won't have to deal with situations where you can't watch an online broadcast. This is because this VPN service has an extensive server base.

ExpressVPN is a slightly more expensive VPN, but that's because it's also usually the best choice in terms of the combination of speed, security, ease of use and server offerings. You can try ExpressVPN for free for 30 days.

IPVanish for rugby

IPVanish is in a lot of cases the fastest VPN service to watch online broadcasts and streams with. On top of that, IPVanish has a large server selection and a reasonably low price.

  • If you're still not sure if IPVanish is the VPN for you, you can try it out for free for 7 days because of the 7-day money-back guarantee. This is also ideal if you are only looking for a fast VPN for just one rugby match or één week of rugby matches.

NordVPN for rugby

NordVPN is one of the most secure VPN services today. Moreover, NordVPN is also a very user-friendly and reasonably fast VPN with many servers. But perhaps the biggest reason NordVPN is a popular VPN for watching rugby is its competitive price.

  • NordVPN is one of the cheaper premium VPN’s. On top of that, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can also try out this cheap VPN for a while.

How to watch rugby online with a VPN

Online rugby watching can be done very simply with two things: a website on which rugby matches are broadcasted and a VPN to access this website/broadcast. For example, if you want to watch rugby online through the American NBC, you need to have an account for this and a VPN with servers in America. There are also many free channels that broadcast rugby live.

For setting up a VPN you can go to our various manuals. We have collected these in a handy overview with installation guides. Here you can get help installing your VPN on different devices (tablets, iPhone etc.) and operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.).

Free online rugby watching

Rugby is one of the few sports where many matches can be watched legally without a subscription. Especially in the countries where rugby is big, such as England and Ireland, many matches are broadcast live. Because of this, you don't always need to have a subscription to a channel or website. You then only need a VPN to ensure that you are allowed to see the content of these websites.

Watching Six Nations Championship online

The Six Nations tournament is the most important rugby tournament in the northern hemisphere. In this tournament, France, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Italyë have been playing against each other for the coveted Championship Trophy since 2000. England has so far been the country with the most tournament wins to its name, but in 2019 Wales walked away with the win. You can also watch the Six Nations Championship (for free) online with a VPN.

Watch The Rugby Championship online

The Rugby Championship is the most important rugby tournament in the southern hemisphere. In this tournament, since 2012, Argentinaë, Australiaë, New Zealand and South Africa play against each other annually in an exciting tournament for the championship. The Rugby Championship is like the southern hemisphere's answer to the Six Nations Championship. Just like the Six Nations Championship, The Rugby Championship can be watched online (for free) with a VPN. Want to know when your favorite country is scheduled to play? Check the official website of the tournament for all the dates.

Rugby channels and websites to watch rugby online

Below you will find an overview of the different channels and websites where rugby is broadcast. Some are free, others are paid (you must have a subscription to that specific channel or website).

Rugby channels (mainly free)

  • BBC iPlayer (United Kingdom)
  • 7Plus (Australia)
  • CBC (Canada)
  • CCTV (China)
  • Canal+ and FranceTV (France)
  • ARD and ZDF (Germany)
  • RTE (Ireland)

Rugby channels (mainly paid)

  • NBC (United States)
  • Rede Globo (Brazil)
  • NTV Plus (Russia)
  • Sky TV (New Zealand)
  • Rugby Pass (Several countries where rugby is popular)

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