Is SurfShark the best VPN for PUBG Gaming?

With SurfShark VPN, you tend to get what you pay for. So when I saw the super low prices of Surf Sharks, I was a little skeptical of the rave reviews. To find out if it really fulfills these claims, I’ve tested all aspects of SurfShark, including speeds, security features, unlocking abilities, network reliability, and device compatibility. to come to the conclusion that it’s a great VPN and I recommend it.

PUBG Gaming Everyone Can Participate In

I’ve also revised Surfshark’s privacy policy to verify its validity and put its customer support team to the test. The results were impressive – SurfShark is incredibly safe to use, has many strong security features that the average VPN doesn’t offer, and is very user-friendly.

There is still room for improvement in some areas, especially considering that its server network is very small compared to many other VPNs. I personally recommend this. if you want a reliable network with global coverage.

How I Found The Best VPN For PUBG

Surfshark performed very well when I tested its ability to get around geographic restrictions. I had almost no problems unlocking it. Surfshark even managed to bypass the notoriously powerful Amazon Prime Video geoblocks in 2 of the regions I tested. Although some platforms required me to switch servers a few times to find one that worked, it didn’t take me long to find this one. It’s really useful – even if a server goes down, you can easily find one that is up and running.

PUBG & Gaming How Fast Can The Game Really Load?

This means that even if a server cannot access the details of a specific game, Surfshark will automatically direct you to the lightest graphic so that you can access all the details of the game. I found this more convenient than getting an error message from the server and wasting time looking for a different working server. Just to be sure, I ran tests on Czech and Danish servers that had heavier games as default, I was surprised even though they were heavier my speeds were faster than when I connected to the US servers (because they are closer to my location in Belgium). It turned out to be a win-win situation. Surfshark has also reliably unlocked access to other popular servers, including Australia, Canada, Japan and France.

The Best VPN Speed for PUBG

When looking for a VPN worth mentioning that no matter which server location I choose could give me positive results, it usually brought me to the US library. Similar to what happened with many other tests, until you find Surf Shark in the US library, so you can always be corrected. unlike many across regions, and the US library is one of the largest in the world.

Trying Out Different PBN’s

I had to try a few different servers before I found one that worked, but it only took a few minutes. The US Latham and Manassas servers were stuck at the loading screens, but the Surf Shark VPN worked without a hitch.

Even though Prime’s 2 video libraries aren’t much, I was impressed that Surfshark was able to penetrate Prime’s solid geographic constraints.

I was also able to watch on-demand auto-resolution content with geographic restrictions on Kodi’s iPlayer add-on with the UK servers I tested (London and Manchester).

What Was Analysed On VPN’s Whilst PUBG

Surf Shark has fast and consistent speeds. When I tested the speeds, I looked at 3 different things:

The download speed and how quickly you receive data from the server you are connected to web page loading, streaming, etc. It is measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

Why I Use a VPN When Playing PUBG

Upload speed is how fast you send data to the server: posting on social media, video calling, sending emails, etc. and measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

Ping is the time data takes to travel. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). The lower the ping, the more responsive your connection will be, which is important for online games, for example.

I’ve tested more than 25 server locations and haven’t experienced any significant slowdowns, even on servers more than 15,000 km away from my Belgium location.

I connected to Surf Shark, which automatically chose the IKEv2 security protocol because it was the fastest option based on my network settings. Then I started these speed tests on my Windows 10 laptop.

International Servers Help

Surfshark’s international servers also performed very well. I expected some loss of speed because my data had to travel farther to the server, but only experienced a very small slowdown. I started by testing some servers in the US on the east and west coasts and found that the distance from my location in Belgium barely made a difference to my speed.

Testing The PUBG Game On Multiple VPN’s

So I went a long way and tested the Australian servers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. I had similarly impressive results on all 3, only experiencing an average 28% reduction in download speed. For servers located 16,000 km away from me, this is an excellent result.

Who Was The Slowest VPN Provider For PUBG?

This was the slowest speed I’ve found using Surfshark’s servers, and 32 Mbps is fast enough even for high-bandwidth activities like fast-paced online gaming. A 28% loss will only be an issue if the base Internet speed is less than 5 Mbps. I was almost determined to find a super slow server using Surf Shark and tried 6 others in Asia-Pacific, including Japan (Tokyo) and the Philippines. Once again, I was very happy with my results.

Surf Shark is fast enough for gaming. When I used the “Fastest Server” feature, I was able to play at great speed as if I were using my base internet connection. However, when I used servers very far away from my actual location (such as Australia), I had some delay and loading issues. I tested Surf Shark to see what kind of download speed, upload speed, and ping speed I would get with different servers.

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