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VPN’s are incredibly important in business. Not only do they protect your data from hackers and cybercriminals, but they also allow you to set up an internal network that only employees can access, even when they are out of the office. But which VPN is best for your business? We did some research and compiled a list of great VPN’s for business use. A top VPN that offers good security and also allows you to create a dedicated IP is NordVPN Teams. Click the button below to take a look at this provider.

For businesses, a VPN is indispensable these days. The threat of hackers and the requirements that are often placed on data protection make securing your network important. Just think of the law regarding the protection of personal data. A VPN helps with this.

Furthermore, a VPN makes working from home a lot easier. The increasing globalization makes a VPN almost mandatory for companies. Without a VPN you can’t use many sites and business applications in countries like China. A VPN protects your company network and increases your options outside the office. But which VPN’s are actually best for business use? What are the advantages? And what is important when selecting a VPN for your organization? You read it in this article.

Best business VPN services

Based on price, security and features for business users, we have chosen three VPN providers that we consider best for business use. Below the overview in this table, the VPN’s are detailed further.

Perimeter 81
  • “Essentials” package for only the essential functionalities
  • “Premium” Advanced Options Package
  • “Enterprise” Customized Package
  • 24/7 customer service
NordVPN Teams
  • Dedicated IP possible
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Easy user management
  • Price depends on company size
NordVPN Teams
  • Focus on international business
  • Ability to counter VPN blocking
  • Additional options with the ‘Business Cloud’ package
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Easy user management

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a business VPN service from the former SaferVPN, now part of StrongVPN. Although SaferVPN no longer exists, Perimeter still offers several business packages, namely “Essentials”, “Premium” and “Enterprise”. Thus, they provide both small and large businesses with all their VPN needs. They offer dedicated IP servers, but you can also use their shared VPN servers.

  • All of Perimeter 81’s packages have reporting capabilities and a convenient way to manage users. In addition, they give you access to an enterprise cloud. Other options depend on your package choice, so we encourage you to check out Perimeter 81’s website for specific features.
  • Perimeter 81 is an extremely highly secure VPN. In doing so, the business packages offer various features to manage servers and accounts. All this makes Perimeter 81 ééone of the best business VPN providers.

NordVPN Teams

NordVPN Teams offers the possibility to request both a dedicated IP address and a dedicated server. So you can scale up with NordVPN Teams if you end up needing a dedicated IP address or your own server. NordVPN is very user-friendly and this is reflected in their business package.

  1. You get a dedicated account manager, access to a convenient dashboard that allows you to manage users and the ability to receive the total cost in ééone invoice.
  2. NordVPN Teams is also a very secure VPN with intuïtive software. This makes NordVPN Teams suitable for both large and small businesses looking for a VPN. A business VPN subscription with NordVPN Teams also gives you access to 24/7 support.


VyprVPN has a convenient dashboard for managing VPN accounts. The network administrator will find this easy to use, ensuring that only the right people have access to the corporate network. VyprVPN is particularly focused on international business.

  1. Through their Chameleon functionality, your employees’ VPN traffic looks like regular Internet traffic. As a result, services you often use for business, like Gmail, will continue to work in countries like China.
  2. VyprVPN also has several VPN packages for businesses. “VPN for Business” gives you access to business servers worldwide, a dedicated account manager and a handy dashboard with different data. With the “VPN for Business Cloud”package, you also get your own assigned server and dedicated IP address.

Why do businesses and organizations use a VPN?

A VPN secures the internet connection of your devices. This encrypts sent data so that hackers cannot view it. This also applies to personal data, which will be extra secure with a VPN if shared over an internet connection. VPN’s are also used to connect to a company network remotely. This allows remote workers to still have secure access to, for example, an intranet.

For which companies is a VPN interesting?

A VPN is almost a necessity for companies whose employees regularly exchange sensitive information with each other. In addition, a VPN is useful when employees need access to a specific IP address in order to use an intranet, for example. This is because the VPN allows you to go online with a specific IP address. This way you can access the intranet from home or while traveling.

  • VPN’s are therefore very useful for all companies where employees work online outside the office. This is true for people who work from home, but also in the case of international business.
  • The VPN’s mentioned in this article are of particular interest to medium-sized companies among us. Self-employed people may be able to get by with a private VPN, while larger organizations often have their own network with assigned network administrators who deal with such matters.

How do I install a VPN for business use?

A VPN for business use is installed in the same way as a VPN for personal use. You install a VPN by signing up with a good VPN provider, downloading the software, and then installing it on your device.

What should a business VPN meet?

A good business VPN is tailored to the needs of the company. You can think of the following factors:

  • The security of the VPN connection.
  • The possibility of using a dedicated IP, so that all employees can use ééone IP address.
  • Access to a corporate cloud (a dedicated server where a company’s files reside).
  • The ease with which a new employee can be granted access or an old employee can be denied access.
  • The ease with which the VPN network can be set up and maintained.
  • The customer support and responsiveness of the VPN provider.
  • The ability to access company files outside of the office (or even abroad).
  • And not to forget; the price. Unfortunately, the best VPN’s are not free.

Free vs. paid VPN’s for business use

In order to reduce business costs, it may be tempting to use a free VPN . However, this is not a good idea. Free VPN’s often have data or speed limits. On top of that, many free VPN’s come with serious security implications.

  • Finally, free VPN’s have far fewer features than paid services. For example, with a free VPN you won’t be able to request a dedicated IP, which makes business use a lot trickier. We therefore recommend that you always go for a reliable, paid VPN.

Benefits of a business VPN

Both the owner and the employees of a business benefit from a VPN. Not only does it provide a higher level of security, it also offers some interesting features. Below is a brief overview of these benefits.

Global business, global testing

If you do business outside of your home country, you may want to offer location-specific pricing or services. Instead of having a team or employee in each country, you can use a VPN to test local features and pricing. In fact, by using a VPN, you virtually adjust your location to another country. That way, you can see if that location-specific price or service actually works well.

Doing business in China and Turkey with a VPN

If your company also operates abroad, especially countries where many websites are blocked (like in China), a VPN is a must-have. This is because without a VPN, you are using servers in the country you are in. In the case of China, this means that you won’t be able to access Google (including Gmail and Google Drive), for example.

  • A business VPN offers the option of setting up your own server as a company. The VPN software then allows you to connect to that server. This also means that you assume the IP address of that server. This IP address contains a location code, which makes it seem to websites as if you are accessing the Internet from that location. This circumvents the blockades imposed by countries such as China or Turkey.

Access to company files no matter where you are

Because business VPN’s allow you to request your own server for your business, it is possible to access files you need to do your job from any location. This means that home workers and colleagues on business trips can still access those files. With such a server you have, so to speak, a secure corporate cloud.

Safe use of wifi

If you regularly use public WiFi networks to conduct work-related business, it’s important to secure your internet connection. With public networks, you can never be sure who the network administrator is. Possibly a hacker has even hijacked the network. As a result, it is often unclear whether your files remain safe. With a VPN you secure all your Internet traffic, so that even the network administrator (or hacker who hijacked the public network) has no insight into your files or network activity.

GDPR and VPN in Europe

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018. This means that the processing of personal data must be in accordance with the law. You can find a brief summary of exactly what that means here here. The bottom line is that you must have permission to process personal data in the way you want to do it, and you must also protect it properly. While a VPN is not mandatory with respect to the AVG, it does provide additional protection. You protect the data sent over the internet using encryption. This means that any intercepted data cannot be cracked and used.

Conclusion: what is the best business VPN

Business VPN’s are suitable for almost any business. From freelancers to large organizations, there are VPN packages that are a good fit for every business size.

  • A VPN keeps your data secure, gives you more options for working from home, and is almost indispensable for any organization where employees share confidential files with each other. On top of that, a business VPN offers multiple features that make your business operations easier.
  • So are you looking for extra network security and better protection for your company data? Then use a VPN. The three options we have mentioned in this article are Perimeter 81, NordVPN Teams and VyprVPN. All three of these are suitable as business VPN’s. Which one is best for you will depend on the specific needs of your organization.

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