Apakah streaming film atau serial dengan VPN legal

Using a VPN while streaming allows you to access movies, series, and music that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to watch and listen to. In addition, the VPN protects your internet data, so that you are always safe online. Some people wonder if it is legal to stream with a VPN. Streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus do their best to ban VPN users. Why are they doing this? Is it illegal to watch a movie with a VPN? Can you get in trouble if you do this? In this article we answer all your questions and explain how both governments and streaming services think about VPN use.

First of all, let’s clear up your biggest concern: using a VPN is completely legal in many countries. Even if you use online streaming services, you are free to use a VPN. A VPN protects your data traffic and identity information.

Protecting this data is your right. After all, everyone has the right to privacy. That is why using a secure connection (such as, for example, with a VPN) is allowed. In many cases it is even recommended. For example, many companies work with VPNs so that they can securely share their network with their employees remotely. Many (Western) governments also recommend safe internet use via, for example, a VPN connection. Watching series and films is just an extra advantage.

However, there are a number of things to watch out for if you want to watch series or movies with a VPN:

  • VPN use is not legal all over the world. In countries such as China, Iraq and Turkey it can be very difficult to use a VPN because this technology is restricted by the government.
  • Illegal activities are also illegal with a VPN. A VPN hides your internet activities so you are more secure and have more online privacy. However, this does not mean that things that are normally illegal suddenly become legal as long as you do them with a VPN.
  • Some streaming services oppose VPN use. Examples include Netflix and Disney Plus. Also, some services have clauses in their terms of use that make statements about VPN use.

These three points will be discussed in detail in the rest of this article, so you know exactly where you stand.

Are you going abroad and do you want to use your VPN there too? Then be careful. In most countries, such as the United States, France and the United Kingdom, VPN’s are completely legal. So you can use VPN’s like ExpressVPN or SurfShark there without any problem. However, this is not the case everywhere.

  • In some countries, using a VPN wél be illegal. You can then get a fine or even a much worse punishment for it, for example. A VPN ban can be absolute, or only apply in special situations. For example, agencies in Oman may use a VPN provided they have a license, but private use by citizens is prohibited.
  • Mostly, countries that prohibit VPN use are also countries with strict authoritarian governments, such as North Korea and China. Because VPN’s can be used to circumvent government censorship and government surveillance in places like these, VPN users are cracked down on. All in an effort to keep the country’s citizens under control.

Illegal activities are illegal even with a VPN

Some people think that using a VPN suddenly makes activities like illegally downloading movies and series legal. This is not the case. Illegal remains illegal, even with a VPN.

  • Although there are often numerous legal ways to watch movies and series, downloading illegal torrents is still popular. Not all torrents are illegal, by the way: as long as you use the files you download with permission from the copyright holder, there’s no problem.
  • Downloading unauthorized torrents of movies, series, music, games and software is wél prohibited. European law says that downloading a file without the permission of the person or company who owns the copyright to that file is illegal. Also, illegally streaming certain series and movies on platforms like Popcorn Time and Kodi is not allowed.

This also applies if you use a VPN. The VPN makes it harder for governments and other parties to track you online, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing it legally. So always think carefully before you decide to illegally download and watch a movie or series. In fact, it is often easier these days to access your entertainment legally. For example, use a streaming service like Netflix or Disney Plus. This brings us to our third point. This is because not all streaming services work with a VPN.

Some streams work against VPN use

In many cases, you can use a VPN to bypass the geoblocks of streaming services in your home country to allow channels such as FOX and ESPN (the new Fox Sports) often have alléén rights in your home country or within the European Union to broadcast programs’s. As a result, you have no access abroad – especially outside the EU –

If you have a subscription to such’a service, you can still use it with a VPN, even if you are abroad. Simply choose a VPN server that is nearby and you will be able to access all the films, series and broadcasts that you were able to watch in your home country. The reverse is also true: services that only work in, say, the United States and a small number of other countries, such as Shudder, become accessible from your home country with a VPN. This is all perfectly legal.

VPN blocking Netflix and other services

Although it is legal to stream with a VPN, there are services that do not appreciate the use of a VPN. Netflix is a well-known example of this. The global streaming service is constantly taking measures to bar VPN use. For example, Netflix may block access to its service if they notice you are connected to a VPN.

  1. This doesn’t mean that VPN use is illegal, but that Netflix is trying to maintain the geographical barrières of its programs’s. After all, they have alléén the rights for certain countries for many movies and series. As a result, some programs’n are, for example, only viewable on the American Netflix.
  2. Because Netflix is constantly fighting VPN’s, with a VPN you often get the above error when trying to watch a movie or series on the platform. In that case, Netflix has seen that you are using a VPN or proxy . You will then not be able to watch movies or series – or only the movies and series that Netflix has made available around the world, such as Netflix Originals.
  3. If you turn off your VPN, you will have access again, but only to the offerings of the country you are currently in. Thus, Netflix makes it a lot harder for its viewers to watch all the movies and series on their platform. Other streaming platforms, such as Disney Plus, also work with VPN blocks.

Legally watch Netflix with a VPN

The offerings of Netflix vary by country. In America you have access to many more movies and series than here in your own country – and that difference runs into the thousands. Some VPN providers are actively working to circumvent the Netflix VPN blockades by continually using new IP addresses and this is not the case. So there are VPN’s that still allow you to watch (American) Netflix.

  1. Some services like Surfshark are also committed to making other versions of Netflix, such as your own country’s, German or Japanese offerings, available. In doing so, you just need to choose the right VPN server. Would you like to give Surfshark a try? Then click on the button in the banner below. Then take a look at this step-by-step plan to find out how to watch Netflix using a VPN.
  2. Other VPN providers have taken other measures to get around the VPN blockages. For example, you then have to connect to a dedicated streaming server. Also, with some providers you need a dedicated (dedicated) IP address . It differs from provider to provider which exact steps you need to take to be able to watch Netflix with the VPN.
  3. Our advice is to first choose a VPN provider that works with Netflix. Next, see if the provider has any tips for watching Netflix with their service. They often have a FAQ that answers these types of questions. Does this not work? Then contact customer service.


Watching movies and series with a VPN is completely legal. There are no laws in your own country that prohibit this. However, this is not the case everywhere in the world. Beware in countries where VPN use wél be illegal. Also remember that in many countries illegal downloading of movies and series is not allowed – even with a VPN. If you do, you risk a fine. Finally, Netflix and other platforms do a lot to discourage VPN use on their sites. Sometimes they even prohibit the use of VPN’s in their terms of use. So always be careful to use a VPN and streaming service that allows and permits you to stream.

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