Om oss

Om oss is a company that compares and test VPN providers. We offer unique insights to compare VPN and security software to give you the best options, without spending days researching everything on your own. We have reviewed tens of VPN providers and summarized all the details so you can easily find the best solutions that fit your usage.

We have started Global Watch Online several years ago and keep growing with more new information, new VPN reviews and comparisons of many tools. We work with our dedicated team of designers, freelancers, developers and cyber security experts to give you the best information available on the topic of VPN’s.

We keep working to give you the best VPN solutions. Our team works daily to give you the latest information in this space and detailed orientated reviews about all the VPN providers. 

We find it important to write about those topics, as they are an important matter to us and many people in the world. The internet is widely available and offers plenty of options, but there are risks where we want to make our visitors more aware off. We try to give you the information as easy as possible, no complicated instructions, but easy digestible information that anyone could understand. So, you can make your own choices based on this information.  

Om oss

Meet Our Team of Writers and VPN Experts

Frank Guernsey

Leder og redaktør

Frank er en personvernfanatiker og har mange års erfaring innen VPN-rommet, han er en av våre ledende eksperter på dette feltet.

Ling Ti-Wong

VPN -anmelder og skribent

Ling er en av våre VPN-korrekturlesere, han sørger for at alle anmeldelser og guider er oppdaterte og oppdaterte.

Janine Worthfield

Innholds- og designredaktør

Janine er vår viktigste innholdsredaktør, grafiske designer og hjelper med å vedlikeholde dette nettstedet. Hun er ansvarlig for design og nettsideoppsett.