Reklam Yazılımı Nedir?

Adware (ad-supported software) is software that is accompanied by automated ads. People download software (an application or program) and the accompanying adware displays ads to bring in revenue for the creator (or publisher) of the software. Adware is free in many cases and is incredibly common. You’re guaranteed to have encountered it at some point. The … Devamını oku

Google Chromecast için en iyi VPN

The Google Chromecast is a handy media player that lets you easily stream movies, series, music and other online content on your TV from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Do you have a Chromecast dongle and would you like to take more advantage of it? You can do so by using a VPN. In short, a … Devamını oku

Şu anki en iyi akış hizmetleri

Streaming movies and series has revolutionized the way we consume media. Previous generations had to watch certain programs at specific times and days because there was no other option. Today we can choose not only what we want to watch, but also how and when we watch it. This shift has been caused by streaming … Devamını oku

Setting up VPN on Chromecast

With a Google Chromecast you can easily stream from, for example, your mobile device to your TV. In this way you don’t need a smart TV to be able to use apps on your TV. It is a popular way to watch movies and series on the big screen. To use your Chromecast safely and … Devamını oku

What is a computer virus

What is a computer virus? A computer virus (also popularly called a virus) is a subcategory malware. A virus is a malicious program (or piece of computer code) that infects computers and then attempts to multiply and spread itself across a network. A virus is often hidden in a file, and is activated by users opening or activating … Devamını oku

What is a dedicated IP

Some VPN providers offer the option to request a dedicated IP. This means that you get a unique, static IP address that is only used by you, while your échte IP address is still hidden. This has several advantages: You’re less likely to end up blacklisted. You don’t have to go through any extra verifications. … Devamını oku

Setting up a VPN on Android TV

An Android TV is a smart TV platform designed by Google. It uses the Android operating system and allows you to play series, movies and music on your television without worries through various apps. For example, you can easily stream Spotify and Kodi with it. If you protect your Android TV with a VPN, your internet provider cannot simply … Devamını oku

What are keyloggers

What are keyloggers? A keylogger is software that records keystrokes on a keyboard, mostly unnoticed. Keyloggers are (often) a form of malware, because they can be used to surreptitiously monitor what a user is typing. In this way, the keylogging software can read off messages and record important passwords and login data in the process. This data … Devamını oku