Jaringan Wi-Fi publik

Public Wi-Fi networks allow you to connect to the internet in public spaces free of charge. Whether you’re at school, in a cafe, on the train or at an airport, you can use a public WiFi network with your smartphone, tablet or laptop almost everywhere. These hotspots are often accessible without the need for a … Baca lebih lajut

Apa itu keylogger?

What are keyloggers? A keylogger is software that records keystrokes on a keyboard, mostly unnoticed. Keyloggers are (often) a form of malware, because they can be used to surreptitiously monitor what a user is typing. In this way, the keylogging software can read off messages and record important passwords and login data in the process. This data … Baca lebih lajut

Apa itu IP khusus?

Some VPN providers offer the option to request a dedicated IP. This means that you get a unique, static IP address that is only used by you, while your échte IP address is still hidden. This has several advantages: You’re less likely to end up blacklisted. You don’t have to go through any extra verifications. … Baca lebih lajut

Apa itu kuda trojan?

Kuda Trojan adalah jenis malware. Itu tersembunyi di dalam program komputer, dan setelah instalasi, kuda Trojan memberi penjahat akses tanpa diketahui ke komputer Anda. Ini adalah semacam pintu belakang yang dapat digunakan oleh orang jahat untuk diam-diam mendapatkan kendali atas komputer dan file Anda. Disini juga namanya… Baca lebih lajut

Apa itu Adware?

Adware (ad-supported software) is software that is accompanied by automated ads. People download software (an application or program) and the accompanying adware displays ads to bring in revenue for the creator (or publisher) of the software. Adware is free in many cases and is incredibly common. You’re guaranteed to have encountered it at some point. The … Baca lebih lajut

Apa itu Spyware?

What is Spyware? Spyware is software that usually secretly collects information about a computer user. By collecting information in this way, a usage profile can be compiled. This information is very valuable for external parties to make money from. Spyware ‘spies’ therefore, in effect, a computer user and records everything they do. It can carry great risks in terms … Baca lebih lajut