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A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The VPN software encrypts your internet traffic and sends your data via a secure connection to a remote server. From there, the data traffic is sent back onto the internet. This changes the IP address which is visible to the rest of the internet. Your internet traffic is in this way secured én anonymized. Do you want to surf the Internet more safely and anonymously and are you curious about where you can download a VPN? The first step is to choose a reliable VPN provider. In this article we will help you with this choice and discuss some excellent VPN providers. Both free and paid VPN’s will be covered.

The next step is to download the provider’s software. You can do this through the officialële website of your chosen VPN provider. You can download a VPN not only for your laptop or computer, but it is also possible to download a VPN for your smartphone. In this article we will give you an instruction on how and where to download the different VPN’s. Are you interested to also download your VPN completely anonymously? Then take a look at the page where we explain how to buy a VPN anonymously.

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