Kostenloses VPN für Reddit?

The Internet is no longer a place where you surf around carefree. Hackers are constantly trying to steal your data, websites use this data ‘legally’ and spyware tracks your activities. Preserving your anonymity online is difficult these days, especially on Reddit. To make this possible anyway, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Like (almost) all social media websites, Reddit collects and sells your data. When you use a VPN, your data is encrypted. In other words, your data is encrypted and no longer accessible to strangers.

This way you can be active on Reddit without fear of being spied on. Later in this article, we’ll tell you more about why you actually want to use a VPN for Reddit. Using a VPN to be safe on Reddit is a must, but which one should you choose? There are countless providers and comparing them all will take you months. That’s why we’ve put together a top 3.

Wie wählt man ein VPN für Reddit aus?

Wenn Sie möchten, dass ein VPN Reddit verwendet, möchten Sie wahrscheinlich nicht zu viel Aufhebens machen. Sie möchten jedoch, dass Ihre Sicherheit gewährleistet ist und Ihr Internet schnell bleibt. Bei unserer Suche nach dem besten VPN für Reddit haben wir daher folgende Punkte berücksichtigt:

  • Sicherheit. Um an unserem Spitzenplatz zu sein, benötigen wir militärisch encryption (AES-256). In addition, we expect reliable connection protocols and a kill switch. Also important are having a ‘no log’policy and a history without data leaks.
  • Geschwindigkeit. Wir haben nach einem VPN gesucht, das Fotos und Videos ohne laden kann Verzögerung oder endlose Pufferung. Ein großes Netzwerk an Servern ist daher ebenso wichtig wie das Fehlen von Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzungen durch den Anbieter.
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit. Das Programm sollte möglichst einfach aufgebaut sein und einwandfrei funktionieren.
  • Preis leistungs verhältnis. Niemand möchte viel Geld ausgeben, daher ist ein erschwingliches VPN wünschenswert. Natürlich sollte der Service trotzdem von höchster Qualität sein.

No VPN service scores a 10 on all counts. So when you choose one, you will have to make concessions. It comes down to what your priority is. Do you want a simpler app or more security? Or maybe you want more speed now or just to save some money. In the next section we will discuss our top 3. If you want more information about the individual providers, read our separate reviews. This way you can make the right choice for your situation.

Bestes VPN für Reddit: unsere Top 3

Reddit users are known for doing extensive research. No matter what the topic, they get to the bottom of it. Of course, they also have a subreddit about VPN services, but we don’t base our top 3 purely on this thread. All the VPN’s we recommend have been tested ourselves.

What we paid attention to are aspects that are necessary for an average Reddit user: speed, security and ease of use. In addition, it is always nice if you can bypass geoblocks and censorship with your VPN. The conclusion of our test led to a top 3 VPN services for Reddit. You can find out all about these providers below.

1. CyberGhost: erschwinglich und benutzerfreundlich

CyberGhost is one of the VPN providers with the most servers, namely more than 7400 spread across 90 countries. This service is also known for its strong security and ‘no logs’policy. Even better, CyberGhost has never had a privacy leak. A nice thing about this VPN is that the app is very user-friendly . This is ideal for people who are just starting out with VPN use. The servers are also optimized for torrenting, but support many different platforms, including Reddit. You’ll likely be using this VPN within your Chrome or Firefox browser, so it couldn’t be easier.

  • In addition, as a Reddit user, you’re probably happy with the fact that CyberGhost also has an adblocker . This way, you won’t have to deal with annoying advertisements and pop-ups while reading your threads.
  • Obwohl CyberGhost schon relativ ist billig, sie bieten noch mehr Vorteile. Sie können eine kostenlose Testphase von bis zu 45 Tagen nutzen. Dies ist Zeit genug, um zu testen, ob dies das VPN für Sie ist.

2. ExpressVPN: superschnell mit viel Sicherheit

ExpressVPN schneidet in unserem Test in Sachen Rundum-VPN am besten ab. Mit der Hälfte der Server, die CyberGhost hat, erscheint dieser Dienst immer noch als am schnellsten. In addition, the connections are stable and the VPN offers ironclad security. ExpressVPN’s ability to bypass geoblocks is also excellent. In fact, the service has servers in more than 100 countries. For Redditors in countries like China this is totally fine, should the country ban Reddit again. The fact that this VPN works on different browser extensions is also useful. So you can follow your thread in Firefox én in Edge.

  • If you combine the speed and ease of use with the security they offer, including kill-switch, and their ‘no log’policy, you’ll probably understand why ExpressVPN is number 1 in our list of best VPN services.
  • So why is CyberGhost ranked #1 for Reddit users? It’s because ExpressVPN does come at a price. Also, the ‘free trial’period is shorter, at 30 days.

3. Surfshark: unbegrenzte Verbindung

Surfshark is terribly fast, yet affordable. This service has fewer servers than the two providers above, but in terms of security it is not inferior to them. Surfshark also has a strict ‘no log’policy and an immaculate history with no data leaks. Because of the VPN’s impressive speed most people consider Surfshark to be a streaming VPN. However, it has so much more to offer than buffer-free movie watching.

  • What really sets this provider apart on the market is the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. Even ExpressVPN doesn’t allow that. Surfshark additionally has a handy feature called ‘CleanWeb’. This feature blocks advertisements, malware and trackers. So more than enough reasons to try this VPN, we think. Especially since a subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee . So you can use Surfshark’s services for free for a whole month.

Wie installiere ich ein VPN für Reddit?

The exact steps you need to take to start your VPN depend on your chosen provider and the device you are installing the software on. For example, installing a VPN on a Windows computer is very different from installing the same service on your smart TV. In general, you take the following steps when starting a VPN subscription:

  1. Create an account on the website of the VPN service. You’ll normally find the button to sign up at the top right of the screen.
  2. Laden Sie die VPN-Software herunter. Die meisten VPN-Anbieter führen Sie nach der Anmeldung automatisch zur Download-Seite. Stellen Sie einfach sicher, dass Sie den richtigen Download für Ihr Gerät auswählen.
  3. Installieren Sie die VPN-Software. Dies ist eine Frage des Klickens auf "Installieren"
  4. Melden Sie sich an. Verwenden Sie die auf der Website erstellten Anmeldeinformationen, um sich beim Programm anzumelden.
  5. Open the server list and choose a server to connect to.
  6. Click the “connect” button to start your VPN. Within a few seconds, your internet traffic will be routed through the chosen server.

If you need more help with setup, you can check out our detailed setup guides for each provider

Kann ich ein kostenloses VPN für Reddit verwenden?

Sie können grundsätzlich ein kostenloses VPN für Reddit verwenden. Es ist jedoch wichtig, darauf zu achten. Kostenlose VPNs können in zwei Arten von Diensten unterteilt werden:

  1. Die kostenlose Variante eines Premium-VPN. Dies ist der gleiche Dienst, jedoch mit eingeschränkten Diensten.
  2. Die ausbeuterischen kostenlosen VPNs, die eigentlich nur dem Namen nach VPNs sind.

Kostenlose Version von Premium-VPNs

Some premium VPN’s, such as PrivadoVPN and ProtonVPN, offer you a completely free, but limited version of their software . Restrictions that the free variants may impose include a limit on speed and access to fewer servers. For example, PrivadoVPN gives you a monthly limit of 10GB and ProtonVPN’s free variant gives access to only three servers. However, these are legitimate providers that offer you adequate security.

  • In order to offer the free service, the unpaid versions of premium VPN’s often show advertisements. However, aside from the limitations and advertisements, these services function like the paid variants. They are therefore ideal for testing out VPN providers before you buy one. However, if you don’t want to deal with the drawbacks, then it’s better to buy a subscription.

Die gefährlichen kostenlosen VPNs

The free version of premium VPN’s have some limitations, but they are safe. However, you also have providers that are a VPN in name only. In fact, these services offer little to no security and are often only fronts for crypto-mining. They then make you part of their P2P network and use your system to mine crypto currency.

  1. Another possibility is that they are companies who want to steal your data to resell it. They unashamedly store your data and resell it to the highest bidder. The data they collect from you includes your activity logs, i.e. a precise description of when you visited which websites and what you did on these sites. An example of such a dangerous VPN is Hola VPN. By the way, don’t be fooled by their ‘premium’ subscription.
  2. If you have a small budget, there are free VPN’s that we recommend. All of these providers protect your online activities, including your use of Reddit. You may be limited in your options compared to premium VPN subscriptions, but your data remains secure. This is not the case with many other free services.

Warum sollte ich ein kostenloses VPN für Reddit verwenden?

Es gibt viele verschiedene Gründe, ein VPN als Reddit-Benutzer zu installieren. Wir listen die wichtigsten Gründe für Sie auf:

  • Increase your online security. A VPN server encrypts your data and blocks access for malicious others. After all, hackers, your ISP and Reddit itself can’t abuse what they can’t see. When you don’t use a VPN, much of your data is on the street. This is certainly the case if you use unsecured WiFi networks. So with a VPN, you’ll stay safe and anonymous on Reddit.
  • Erhöhen Sie Ihre Privatsphäre. Ein VPN-Server ändert Ihre IP-Adresse in die des Servers. Was Sie auf Reddit tun, kann nicht auf Sie zurückgeführt werden. Ihre eigene IP-Adresse spiegelt Ihren Standort wider und eröffnet die Möglichkeit aller Arten von Cyberangriffen. Mit einer maskierten Adresse sind Sie vor solchen Angriffen sicher. Denken Sie daran, Ihr Reddit-Profil so anonym wie möglich zu halten, wenn Sie Ihre Privatsphäre wahren möchten. Dazu gehört auch die Verwendung einer anonymen E-Mail-Adresse beim Login.
  • Overcoming geoblocks. Your IP address also contains information about your location. So when you mask this with a VPN, websites don’t know where you are. This is ideal if you want to watch a video on Reddit that is only accessible to viewers from a specific country. It’s also ideal if you live in a country known for temporarily banning Reddit, such as Russia.
  • Überwindung von IP-Sperren. Wenn Sie von Reddit gesperrt sind, setzt die Website Ihre IP-Adresse auf die schwarze Liste, nicht nur dieses eine Konto. Ein VPN ist natürlich ideal, um dieses Verbot zu umgehen.

Fazit zu VPN für Reddit

A VPN helps you visit the Reddit website safely and anonymously. It also ensures that you don’t have to deal with geoblocks and that you can bypass (unfair) account bans. The provider we recommend is CyberGhost. However, if you have a bigger budget, go for the real number one, ExpressVPN. Should you want to connect multiple devices to your VPN at the same time, subscribe to Surfshark. If you want even more options, check out our list of this year’s besten VPN-Dienste.

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