VPN per Roku

VPN roku

Roku produce e vende dispositivi che consentono alla tua TV di accedere a dozzine di piattaforme di streaming. Un comodo dispositivo che ti permette di collezionare e guardare tutti i contenuti, tra gli altri, da Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Kodi e Peacock. In effetti, consente anche di utilizzare TV meno recenti per lo streaming di contenuti. Fortunatamente, l'utilizzo di un dispositivo del genere e la creazione di un account Roku non è... Leggi tutto

VPN per Mac

Here’s a list of 7 best VPN providers that work with Macbook on MacOS: Finding a VPN for Mac ins’t as simple as it sound. First off, many VPNs don’t have a standalone app for Mac devices. That means need to install a third-party software (like the separate OpenVPN client) and manually set it up. … Leggi tutto

VPN più veloce

In this case-study, we tested tons of VPNs and their download/upload speeds across the United States and Europe. Results? All VPNs slow down your connection a bit. VPNs boost security, but slow speeds. That’s unfortunate. And there’s no way to solve one without the other. The extra VPN funnel to secure your entire connection adds layers of encrypted … Leggi tutto

Torrent VPN

We carefully read through tons of different VPN policies on torrenting and found out 7 best VPN apps for safe and secure torrenting. Finding the best VPN for torrenting isn’t an easy task. There are several factors involved when choosing a VPN solely for torrenting. Here are the most important ones: Jurisdiction – Preferably outside the … Leggi tutto

VPN più sicura

SaferVPN (2022) Review + Guide Are you looking for a new SaferVPN review? That’s logical, the last couple of years these services have gained enormous popularity, almost 30% of the internet users has been using VPN services over the past 5 years. We at Globalwatchonline.com tested and tried all different providers for you, read our comprehensive SaferVPN review and learn everything … Leggi tutto